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England v Australia: Absorbing, compelling and utterly unique

Absorbing, compelling and utterly unique. Those are the first words that spring to mind if you ask me to describe yesterday's Test match. It was the closest 30-6 victory that I've witnessed and it’s no wonder that Eddie Jones and his side were quietly content with their afternoon’s work. Australia are an excellent side and yet the game was snatched away from them. 

After what can only be described as a slightly 'flat' atmosphere at Twickenham Stadium last weekend, the stadium rocked with noise from the very first 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' after just three minutes to England's final try one minute after the clock went red. 
“Tactically we played smart, we read the conditions, it was difficult conditions for both teams and I thought we played them superbly," said England's head coach after the game. 
"We had the confidence that we would finish the game stronger than they would.”
The most effective sporting teams in the world have the ability to take…

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